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Filip Kirilov

I grew up in the center of the capital and during my childhood I was dreaming to live in a forest and eat wild fruits and mushrooms. In 2003, after studying in some schools and universities in Bulgaria and France, I started living in an eco-community in the mountains of La Reunion Island, Indian Ocean.

In 2005 I came back to Bulgaria in the aim of applying my experience and I co-founded Trinoga association. In 2007 I started common work with M.D. Dimitar Pashkulev who leaded me to the Integral approach and the healthy mind.

This changed my life…

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Barbara Steinmann

I was born in Austria, I lived and worked there until the age of 21. In 2013 I started travelling to see different countries, cultures, lifestyles and fruits. During this time I stayed to help for some period in different eco-communities. One of my most difficult but fruitful travels was my bicycle trip from Austria to Bulgaria in 2015. This travel brought me a lot of personal growth and I found myself in the village of Zhelen in the Balkan Mountains. Here I met Filip and the teachings of doctor Pashkulev. The mixture of my philosophy and the local lifestyle gave birth to the Vegetarium project…

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M.D. Dimitar Pashkulev

I have 30 years of practice in phytotherapy, dietetics and complex natural medicine - eastern and western. I composed over 100 recipes for combined natural products with herbal extracts, supplements, essences, natural cosmetics, which are produced by several companies.

Dozens of my books are published on these and other topics, including five with poems.

From many years I research and teach in various fields of medicine, psychology, pedagogy, information science, ecology and other areas of the integral approach.


Stanimir Dimitrov

I was born in Varna - the sea and the seagulls. I studied at the Medical University of Moldova long enough to realize that dentistry is not my vocation. After a few deep turns in my life, I found myself in Strandja Mountain, where I gained a new perspective and a new worldview. The summer I experienced on the Spanish island of Majorca in 2017 was also a period of deep meaning to me. The cycle trip from there to Bulgaria gave me a glimpse of where and how I would live my life.

To serve something outside yourself is a big deal! That's why I started volunteering, which naturally brought me to the village of Zhelen. Here, I am still learning the principles of permaculture, the integral approach and the work of M.D. Pashkulev.

All we have to do is growing!

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