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In this worldwide delicate health situation we discover the weaknesses of conventional tourism. 

We invite you to become a guest member of our non-profit organization. It is free of any charge and long term engagements!

That way you can stay at Vegetarium while helping the nature and local community -  donating to achieve the goals of the association or direct volunteering!

Enjoy a safer and peaceful stay in a small but precious company, without unnecessary social contacts!


Here are our proposals for you and your close:

• One-day visit in English or French, including:

  - Guided visit of the place, introduction to its nature and history;

 - Abundant and healthy lunch with homegrown vegetables;

- Questions and answers on topics of healthy living and the integral approach;

 - An inspiring day in nature, the company of your loved ones, the hammock with a good book …

Value : 15 EUR (30BGN) / person (barter exchange or donation)


• Accommodation at Vegetarium Home - includes:

- Peaceful life in the beautiful Balkan Mountain;

- Simple, healthy, and comfortable accommodation and food;

- Guidelines for individual health practices and nutrition;

- Guidelines for harmonizing one's own biorhythm and life goals;

Value (barter exchange or donation):

Stay from 2 to 14 days - detox and recharging, normalization of one's own biorhythm (relaxing regime, without household occupation):  

32 EUR (62 BGN) / person / day;

Stay over 14 days - healthy life and integral development:

27 EUR (52 BGN) / person / day


16 EUR (31 BGN) / person / day + 3 hours of volunteering per day + some household tasks;

• Stay without donation is possible between April and November for a minimum of 60 days and with 5 hours of volunteering per day.


(Our proposals are intended for use by members of the association)

 Join us and enjoy:

• Rest in natural environment;

• Healthy food & cosy accomodation;

• Guided walks in the surrounding mountains - discovering caves, waterfalls, ancients ruins, rustic farms, breаth taking panoramas and local customs;

• Guided visit of the place presenting our regenerative landscaping activities;

Certification training courses & workshops;
• Hosting of your lectures and activities for 9 to 30 people (depending on the season);

• Accomodation at home, tepee or wagon, camping ground;
• Organisation of team buildings and training adapted to your needs;

• Individual "Tailor made" consultations for integral lifestyle.



The ratio between theory and practice in all training sessions variate depending of the season and weather.


Our community creates a diversity of healthy and environmental foods, drinks, supplements, natural medicine, cosmetic and daily use goods.

These goods are consumed during the stay at Vegetarium home.

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