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You can stay with us after registering and signing a declaration that you will follow the rules listed below:

1. Peaceful and constructive cooperation is very important to us. We do not tolerate any disruptions to it, through aggressive words and deeds, disrespectful attitude, making noise at an inappropriate time, or other.

2. Maintaining the general daily routine and consuming foods from the recommended product range is desirable throughout the stay. We tolerate the consumption of other types of products but we ask for this to happen outside the communal meals and spaces, without cooking it. 

3. We do not accept the propagation of views which counterpose people on the basis of their worldviews, ethnicity, gender or political stance. Similarly, we have low tolerance for aggressive advertising of commercial goods or paid services.

4. The healthy rest and training practices are negatively influenced by people under the influence of psychoactive substances. For this reason we do not welcome people who are addicted to such substances. 

5. We cannot welcome underage people without a grown-up accompanying them unless as a part of an organised group, in which case we will need statements of consent from a parent or a legal guardian.

6. At this stage we cannot welcome people who have serious health problems with a high risk of dangerous complications.

7. Cooking in the sleeping premises is not allowed.



• Morning: waking up at a particular hour, depending on the season (compulsory within the training programme), healthy practices (with individualized elements), participating in the cleaning or the preparation of breakfast;

• Prenoon: work, health-related and/or educational practices, preferably outdoor, basic lecture (as a part of the holiday training programme and desirable within the vacation programme), participating in the preparation of lunch (for some people at the training programme);

• Lunch and rest (the latter taking place at variable times within the vacation and training programmes);

• Aftrenoon: for the vacation programme - free time; for the training programme - theoretical and/or practical courses, participating in the preparation of dinner (for some people at the training programme);

• Dinner, rest, cultural and creative activities - open to whoever wants to join;

• Going to sleep - there is an evening hour (the precise time depends on the season) after which going to sleep is recommended, and maintaining silence is compulsory.

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1. Fruit - fresh, dry, and limited - processed;

2. Vegetables - raw and cooked without frying;

3. Cereals (mostly whole-grain) with a predominance of gluten-free cultures;

4. Legumes - green and ripe, also fermented;

5. Raw nuts, seeds and vegetable oils, the latter in limited amounts;

6. Additional plant product: herbs and spices (excluding the spiciest ones), sprouts, seaweeds, brewer's yeast, etc.;

7. Bee products - honey, pollen, wax, propolis, royal jelly;

8. Biological dairy products with a predominance of the easily digestible ones – yoghurt, cottage cheese and others;

9. Biological eggs, the egg whites in limited amounts;

10. Food supplements - herbs (in different forms), minerals (including some cooking salt and potassium salt), vitamins, etc, depending on an expert judgment;

11. Sprouted and fermented foods.

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• After waking up - a few glasses of pure water and a bit later - herbal tea and possibly supplements;

• Breakfast - mostly fruit, includes superfoods, cereals can be added for some people;

• Lunch (main meal) - raw and cooked vegetables, protein-rich and fatty plant and animal products, herbs, fresh when possible;

• Afternoon snack (for those who would like one) - fruit, juice, vegetable bouillons and other light food;

• Dinner (for those who would like one) - cooked vegetables and cereal meals, dairy products, sprouts and herbs, fresh when possible.

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