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1. Honor the life;


2. Be sincere;

3. Maintain purity, ecpecially inner;

4. Elevate your sexual energy;

5. Observe the public norms

as long as they are not against spiritual principles;

6. Select a constructive natural, social and informational environment;

7. Accept with humility your inner and outer reality in the present.

Change it constructively with awareness and discipline;

8. Seek an optimal balance between self-esteem and following

established authoritative sources;

9. Develop an integral approach as view and a harmonious practice;

10. Cultuvate as the main motive and criteria

the dedication of the higher reality.




The world ethic is relative. Even if it is not sincere, it reduces the "relational friction".

But only authentical and integral ethics can be the basis for spiritual development.

1. почитай живота.jpg
2. бъди искрен.jpg
3. поддържай вътрешна чистота.jpg
4. възвисявай сексуалната си енергия.jpg
5. съблюдавай нормите.jpg
6. подбирай обкръжението си.png
7. приемай със смирение, променяй с дисц
8. себеупование и следване.jpg
9. развивай цялостен възглед.jpg
10. себеотдаване на висша реалност.jpg
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